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9 800 Ft

How was the wine that was drunk in ancient times? The answer is in this bottle.

The birth of the Időtlen (means Timeless) was a real experiment, an intellectual challenge in 2021, and its arrival was a great success. It is an endless story, made timeless by generations. I add my own experience, vintage after vintage, with 580 bottles of Timeless.

The vineyard is a very old, scattered mixed plantation inherited with the estate, unseen anywhere else. The very old vines are scattered over a few hundred square metres of vineyards bordering the woods, and foot- cultivated.

It’s made as wine might have been made a few thousand years ago. The varieties are e.g. pumpkin grapes, blue grapes, pink slanka, Welschriesling, ’csomorinka, gohér, but there are also varieties that will require several years of ampelographic research to determine.

I harvested the fully mixed varieties at the same time, stomped the grapes with my feet, soaked them in wood and started fermentation. Finally, the must was put into an amphora in which sulphur ribbons were burnt (the Romans used sulphur to make wine). The wine was put into ceramic bottles to evoke the timelessness.

The result is neither white, nor rosé, nor red. WINE. It’s just ’grand’.

A beautifully coloured, fresh, intensive, fruit driven wine with a long finish.

“The color is probably closest to a shiller, as it has both white and blue grapes, and the flavour is very clean. It’s not a big format wine, it’s not heavy-handed, it’s not a fancy fruit bomb, but it still has everything we love about wine. In a happy world, this would be the everyday wine to eat with your everyday bread.” (Borjour)

• Made: two amphoras, 580 bottles
• Mixed varieties harvested together
• Vintage: 2022
• Alcohol: 13,5 %

inni jó

3 400 Ft

Those who have tasted this wine know that the ‘simplicity’ of its name (as opposed to its content) reveals a philosophy, a family story.
My younger son Vencel tasted a sip and said, it feels good to drink, then my eldest, Vince, pondered on ‘Drinking is good!’ – so my three-year-old instinctively articulated the essence we all have been working towards for generations.

A blend of cabernet franc and kékfrankos aged in small barrels – You can expect a more serious palate than the name, a complex, rich red wine, while its velvety juiciness and ripe fruitiness really makes It is dangerously good to drink!

Winemaking, ageing:
The Blaufränkisch grapes were hand-harvested on 25 September 2021, the Cabernet Franc grapes on 2 October 2021 from the vineyard next to the cellar. Both batches were destemmed, sorted on a sorting table, followed by a few days of cold maceration, fermentation with yeast inoculation, pumping over and a few racking. Skin contact: Blaufränkisch 15 days, the Franc 19 days.

I vinified the batches separately, pressed them with the old, timeless Kossuth press, and after the malolactic fermentation the blending was made. 14 months’ barrel ageing in 5 hl wooden barrels followed on. Bottled it in February 2023, and bottling was also done gently, without pumping, with a 1-micron membrane filter, which does not stress the wine. Closed with a premium Diam cork, a new capsule and a slightly renewed label.

• Blaufränkisch 62%, Cabernet franc 38%
• Premium wine, Villány DHC (Districtus Hungaricus Controllatus Villány)
• Vintage: 2021
• Alcohol: 13.5 %

nászút helyett

5 400 Ft

To the joy of the family, I used the money put aside for the honeymoon to buy this vineyard. I ‘had to’, it was love at first sight, the world expands for me here and everything just fits into these barely two hectares. This little estate has been the constantly renewing symbol of togetherness, challenge, and happiness for us.

It is clear that cabernet franc has found its home in Villány, and is the key to its future. According to the Villány appellation control system, “Villányi Franc” appellation is a carefully selected 100% cabernet franc – the flagship brand of the wine region. Villányi Franc is the embodiment of elegance and harmony.

A complex wine with a concentrated fruitiness and fine barrel spices, a bit more “southern”, softer, warmer, “sweeter” than the vintage ’19.

After the intense nose, ripe, fleshy fruit (black berries, cherries) rolls into the palate with lively acidity, and the sweetness of the barrel spices in the long finish with ripe, almost velvety tannins.

In brief: Excellent sense of harmony, style and balance. Not overwhelming, but uplifting.

Let it time to open, taste it from a large glass.

Winemaking, ageing:
Hand-harvested on 29 September 2020. After berrying, sorting on a sorting table came a few days of cold maceration, fermentation, yeast inoculation, pumping over and a little racking with 17 days on skins. Pressed with an old – timeless Kossuth press, where the press fraction was not included, so the ’Honeymoon contains only the finest wine.

Barrel-aged for 17 months, in Hungarian and French barrels; new and a few years old. Bottled in January 2023, bottled gently, without pumping with 1 micron membrane filter, premium Diam cork.

• Villányi Franc
• Premium wine, Villány DHC (Districtus Hungaricus Controllatus Villány)
• Vintage: 2020
• Alcohol: 14 %


Ég és föld között

9 900 Ft

On the estate you can feel like you’re between heaven and earth. The European honey buzzard (or pern), which can be found on the labels, lives near the cellar. The pern soars high but feeds on the ground. It circles high up in the sky but has to return again and again to scrape food out of the ground. This symbolism has been imprinted in me ever since: an unending cycle between heaven and earth. Like a winemaker who lives from the earth, works with the earth, and makes wine from the grapes, which uplifts our souls and spirits.
The symbolism of ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ is not only the philosophy of the estate, but also the name of a long envisioned wine, which was finally born as a 2019 super premium Villányi Franc. (It is rare to have the name before it was born, it was on the carton from the very beginning.)

I’ve been waiting 10 years for this wine. The finest barrels of the best vintage.
It’s impossible to achieve perfection, but finally, behind the name, in the bottle, I have a wine that reaches for the sky, and gives back the “maximum” that has confronted me in the cycle of nature.

Winemaking, ageing:

I have selected the grapes from the smallest clustered, most productive and most fertile parts of the vineyard. The top third of the rows were individually picked and fermented.
Hand harvested on 26 September 2019. It was sorted berry by berry on a sorting table, whole berry without crushing, and then fermentation started after a few days of cold maceration. Towards the middle of the fermentation, it received a safety yeast with a 20 day maceration.
After malolactic fermentation in tank, barrel ageing for 19 months, in Hungarian and French, new and 1 year old barrels.
Bottled in January 2023, without de-stemming, bottled gently, without pumping, with 1 micron membrane filtration and closed with a premium Diam cork. This is a true gravity winery , the whole process was completely pump-free.


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