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Fehér franc

3 950 Ft

It is impossible to live without white wine, and it is not worth it without red. A rare face of the cabernet franc looks back at me in this white wine. I was looking for the inner essence below the surface. Following the freedom of experimenting, I was curious what the juicy grape-meat (without the skin) can provide. The answer gets revealed in this wine.

• Cabernet franc – dry, white wine, made from cabernet franc red grape
• Vintage: currently not available
• Alcohol: 13.5%

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inni jó

2 950 Ft

My younger son Vencel tasted a sip and said, it feels good to drink, then my eldest, Vince, pondered on ‘Drinking is good!’ – so my three year old instinctively articulated the essence we all have been working towards for generations.
Good to drink, velvety but rich and complex red wine. Ripe black cherries, black currant notes in the fragrance rounded off by spicy nuances (cinnamon, cocoa powder) on the palate.

• Blend of Cabernet franc and Blaufränkisch
• Premium wine, Villány DHC (Districtus Hungaricus Controllatus Villány)
• Vintage: 2020
• Alcohol: 13.0 %

„’It is dangerously good to drink it, as it is hard to stop after 2-3 glasses. It is kind, soft, juicy, flattering, full-bodied, while its almost imperceptible tannins and friendly acids. I rarely meet such a complex, sophisticated wine under 3000 HUF.”
– Gusto Magazine

nászút helyett

4 990 Ft

To the joy of the family, I used the money put aside for the honeymoon to buy this vineyard. I ‘had to’, it was love at first sight, the world expands for me here and everything just fits into these barely two hectares. This little estate has been the constantly renewing symbol of togetherness, challenge, and happiness for us.

It is clear that cabernet franc has found its home in Villány, and is the key to its future. According to the Villány appellation control system, “Villányi Franc” appellation is a carefully selected 100% cabernet franc – the flagship brand of the wine region. Villányi Franc is the embodiment of elegance and harmony.

Full bodied, exciting red wine.
Ripe fruitiness accompanied by delicious and various barrel spices and tobacco notes. Refreshing acids, velvety tannins, long finish. Let it time to open, taste it from a large glass.

• Villányi Franc
• Premium wine, Villány DHC ( Districtus Hungaricus Controllatus Villány)
• Vintage: 2019
• Alcohol: 13.5 %



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