There is no service of regular tasting on the estate, as I devote all my time to work, but I do occasionally welcome visitors as time permits.

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How was the wine that was drunk in ancient times? The answer is in this bottle.
The birth of the Időtlen (means Timeless) was a real experiment, an intellectual challenge in 2021, and its arrival was a great success.

inni jó

My younger son Vencel tasted a sip and said, it feels good to drink, then my eldest, Vince, pondered on ‘Drinking is good!’ - so my three year old instinctively articulated the essence we all have been working towards for generations.

nászút helyett

To the joy of the family, I used the money put aside for the honeymoon to buy this vineyard. I ‘had to’, it was love at first sight, the world expands for me here and everything just fits into these barely two hectares. This little estate has been the constantly renewing symbol of togetherness, challenge, and happiness for us.

ég és föld között

The symbolism of 'Between Heaven and Earth' is not only the philosophy of the estate, but also the name of a long envisioned wine, which was finally born as a 2019 super premium Villányi Franc.